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ISOMETRIC STYLE, cheap almost-3D

Isometric animation has become quite popular in recent years, not only for its attractive visuals but also for its budget-friendly method of simulating three-dimensional space. Sometimes called "affordable" faux 3D, this technique combines simplicity, clarity, and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we will discuss what isometric animation is, why it is labeled as "faux" 3D, and how its cost-efficiency makes it an appealing option for various projects.

Isometric animation is a design technique that displays three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional space, keeping equal angles between the axes. This results in all lines in the animation staying parallel, giving a flat but three-dimensional appearance. Unlike authentic 3D animation, where objects are rendered with depth and perspective, isometric animation streamlines the process by sticking to a grid.

Isometric Grid

Afordable 3D?

Isometric animation is cheaper than true 3D animation mainly due to its simpler production process. Artists work on a flat plane, eliminating the need for complex modeling, texturing, and lighting. This streamlined approach saves time and resources, leading to reduced production expenses.

Cammera movements

Isometric animation doesn't require dynamic camera movements or angles. Instead, everything is shown from a fixed perspective, eliminating the need for setting up camera paths and shots. This stationary viewpoint streamlines production and decreases rendering times.


Isometric animations commonly make use of assets that can be reused. By creating objects, characters, or environments in the isometric style, they can be conveniently employed in multiple scenes and projects. This practice not only increases efficiency but also helps to reduce production expenses.

Fast render

Creating realistic 3D animations involves complex rendering for accurate lighting, shadows, and reflections. But for isometric animations, simpler lighting techniques are used as objects are shown in a stylized, flat way. This simplifies rendering and speeds up the production process.

Wallet friendly

Isometric animation provides a cost-effective option for projects with budget constraints, offering a cheaper alternative to full 3D animation without compromising on visual quality. This enables businesses, independent creators, and educational institutions to develop captivating animations within a manageable budget.

Complex into simple easy

Isometric animation is great for communicating complicated concepts clearly. Its simple graphics help viewers grasp ideas, products, or procedures without getting bogged down by too many details.

Some cool examples of Isometry:

Gaming - Monument Valley (really beautiful time-killer, try it :) )

Explainer - AI water - one of our animations for our friends from moodive.

Ready to make your first isometric animation?

Are you interested in the charm and affordability of isometric animation for your brand's visual identity? We can help bring your vision to life. Isometric animation is cost-effective and engaging. If you can envision your brand's story, products, or services in this unique "cheaper" fake 3D style, reach out to us.

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