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Hi there!
Meet our team

Established in 2015, we're a team of creatives
with a shared passion for muuvement.


Between us, we've each got over ten years of experience in the bag. We've tackled everything from small-town favorites to big-name brands, putting our spin on colorful characters and eye-catching visuals. We're just a bunch of animation lovers who live for bringing stories to the screen!

We're also incredibly thankful for the amazing freelance friends we've had the privilege to collaborate with over the years. Their talents have enriched our projects and added depth to our creations.


#2D/3D Animation #Motion design #Artdirection #Storytelling

Mostly working in Cinema 4D, Blender, After Effects, Illustrator


#2D Animation #Character animation #Illustration #Storytelling

Mostly working in After effects, MOHO,  Illustrator

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#Videography #Storytelling


Mostly working in Davinci, Premier and all sorts of video tech.


#Copywriting #Storytelling #Socialmedia #Marketing

Mostly working with ideas and words. Swissknife, sharp one.

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Motion Unfolds Unique Visions

Reach Us
+421 904 796 104
+421 908 669 805


MUUV s. r. o.
VAT: SK2120054354
Bussines ID: 48100480

Stredná 7242/7
Biely Kostol
919 34


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