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Stalking Chernobyl

Documentary Film

Uncover Dissaster

A cinematic exploration awaits, delving into the clandestine world thriving within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Three decades post the world's most notorious nuclear catastrophe, the film unveils a realm where illegal hiking enthusiasts, known as "stalkers," extreme sports aficionados, artists, and tour companies boldly rediscover the enigmatic, haunting, post-apocalyptic terrain. We did the camerawork and editing on this documentary.

Editor: Dimo Petkov

Production Coordinator: Oleg Shalashov

Videographer: Anton Fedorko (MUUV), Yuriy Vovchko, Volodymyr Kolbasa

Soundmen: Eduard Slobodianiuk, Vasyl Gudz

Music and Sound Mix: Kaloyan Dimitrov

Colorist: Gleb Katchuk

Titles Design: Ivan Ivanov

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